The Shade War Between Kamala Harris and Jill Biden that Everyone is Missing

The Shade War Between Kamala Harris and Jill Biden that Everyone is Missing

There are times, especially in DC politics, when we get so wrapped up in analyzing the problems that we miss the underlying message. A perfect example may have been happening the last few days with Kamala Harris and Jill Biden waging a shade war against each other, and the White House appears to be backing Biden in the match.

A flippant comment by Harris regarding why she hasn’t been to the border was widely covered by conservative media. We generally mocked and insulted her for the seemingly nonsensical reply, but what if there was more to it?

During an interview NBC’s Lester Holt, he noted that she has not been to the border. Harris replied: �And I haven�t been to Europe. And I mean, I don�t understand the point that you�re making. I�m not discounting the importance of the border.�

We all laughed it off as a VP scorned by the press that’s supposed to adore her. But the next day, the First Lady posted something quite interesting. It was an image of her behind the very desk that Harris longs to occupy. Where was she going? Europe. And she was “prepping” for more than just a recipe exchange with spouses of other world leaders.

Again, most in conservative media laughed it off. I know I did. But as Jack Posobiec pointed out, there’s likely much more to this than two women having head-scratching moments. What if they’re really attacking each other in a passive-aggressive power struggle?

As Nick Arama at RedState reported, the White House appears to be “quietly” backing Jill Biden in this behind-the-scenes power struggle:

I�ve postulated before that Joe Biden may not like Kamala Harris all that much.

Otherwise, it�s hard to imagine why he would stick her with such a no-win position by being responsible, formally, for the border.

On top of that, now we�re hearing from �Biden Administration officials� that they�re �quietly perplexed� about how Kamala Harris has gave such horrible answers during her trip to Guatemala and Mexico.

It’s clear Joe Biden is not running the country. He’s being handled. It’s also clear that Jill Biden and Kamala Harris are fighting to see who is doing the handling. Which one is sitting in America’s driver’s seat?