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The Redheaded Libertarian Answers the Question: “Why Is Everything So Gay?”

Some are starting to wake up to the fact that it’s not some misguided marketing executives or woke-blinded CEOs thinking that embracing the trans-supremacy agenda will increase business. Many of them engage in corporate wokeness in hopes that they’ll get a good CEI score without suffering too much damage to their brand.

According to Josie the Redheaded Libertarian, it comes down CEI. Here’s a thread:

Why is everything gay?

Buckle up, we’re going down this gay rabbit hole.

The CEI— Corporate Equality Index— is a woke credit score, that judges companies based on how many woke issues they are pushing.

1. What is “woke”?
A word co-oped from the black community by gender activists that was infected with Neo Marxism.

2. Who made up & gives the score?
From my understanding, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), sends lobbyists to companies and gives them a list of demands, and if they don’t comply with these demands, the woke investors put pressure on the boards, activists are mobilized, advertising campaigns are shut down, and anyone who continues to do business with the poorly scored company, will also be penalized.

3. And who is funding the HRC?
Open Society Foundation.

4. Who runs Open Society Foundation?
Uh oh. Definitely don’t google that.

Essentially, if you don’t get a good score the Lizard God-King of the world doesn’t let your business exist.

This fake score is everywhere and is controlling everyone and everything with threats and coercion

This despotic rot is the result of a compromised country.

If we want to end this corporate idiocy, we have to make CEOs and boards more concerned about how freedom-loving Americans will respond to their decisions to go woke than how the CEI overlords will punish them if they don’t.