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The Real Risk From the CDC’s New Jab Recommendations: Kids Getting Injected Without Parents Being Aware

Yesterday’s quiet announcement that the Covid-19 “vaccines” had been added to the recommended jabs for school children has received very little attention from corporate media. One might think that this victory for vaxx-nannies and purveyors of pandemic panic would be heralded far and wide. Instead, it was a pre-weekend drop with no fanfare, no ribbon-cutting, and no Anthony Fauci bouncing from interview to interview.

As MRCTV noted, this means it will be harder for parents to avoid getting their kids jabbed in certain school districts that take the CDC “recommendations” and make them required:

The CDC has officially taken the recommendation of its vaccine panel and added a triple dose of the COVID shot to its list of recommended vaccinations for American kids, toddlers, and babies – a list used by many public school systems to determine which shots a child must have in order to start school.

Per the updated guidelines, healthy kids 6 months old and up should receive a two doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech monovalent COVID-19 vaccine followed by a bivalent vaccine or booster.

While the agency’s list of recommended jabs doesn’t actually require anyone to get all – or even any – of the shots on it, the update is concerning for many parents worried that their local school district will start requiring the COVID vaccine for their preschoolers to be enrolled in public schools, which oftentimes use the CDC’s recommended shot list as their own default requirements. In some districts, those vaccine requirements even extend to private schools, further limiting the options for families who decline.

But there’s an even more troubling risk, one that would explain why the powers-that-be did their best to keep this as a quiet release. As Dr. Kris Held noted on Twitter:

I’m worried some children will get the C19 V because parents aren’t aware it’s been added to the recommended immunization schedule to which they consent. Parents must ask specifically which vaccine is being administered at each visit and best confirm before each plunger is pushed.

If parents are either unaware about this change to the vaccine schedule or if they believe their doctors have to divulge what’s going into their kids when “standard” vaccine schedules are requested, it’s very possible they could get their kids the Covid jab and never even know it. It should be standard operating procedure in the parenting handbook that they are fully aware of what’s going into their kids, but we know that’s not always the case.

Spread this information to every parent you know. They MUST ask their doctors about the “standard” jabs they’re giving their kids. They MUST be aware of what their school districts are going to require. It may seem like common sense to most, but there are many Americans who still fully trust the CDC, FDA, and their own doctors without questioning intents or actions.

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