The REAL Reason Government is Sending Vax-Pushers Door-to-Door

The REAL Reason Government is Sending Vax-Pushers Door-to-Door

I won’t tell people to lie. Many people will and I can totally understand the desire to do so considering the draconian nature of Joe Biden’s door-to-door “vaccine” push. It’s also hard for me to tell people to not answer the door when they come by because we need to do what we can to counter this and future moves by government to force injections of experimental drugs. But what I just heard from a source tells me it behooves patriots to do one or the other.

There are a couple of obvious reasons government is sending people around. They want to counter “misinformation” about the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines” so those who have been “misled” can be brought out of their “conspiratorial” mindset. They also want to find people who lack the means to get injected easily. Both of these reasons, as damaging as they are, make sense to the authoritarians and play well with the press.

The third “secret” reason for these door-to-door interventions is pure evil. They are building a list. They want to know the names and addresses of everyone who voices objection to the jabs. When push comes to shove — and it will — they will have a list of those who need to be either forcefully “corrected” or removed from the post-truth society they’re trying to build in America.

If you answer the door and explain to the vax-pushers that you have not received your injections and have no intentions of doing so, you are marking yourself and your family as “problems” to be dealt with at a future date. When they feel emboldened to purge the nation of “pandemic perpetuators” or whatever they decide to call us, they’ll come knocking again. At that point, it won’t be an annoying vax-propagandist. It will be men armed with guns, or even worse, it will be men armed with doses of the experimental drugs.

We’ve seen the shift in our nation’s posture towards patriots. The stark contrast with how they are handling the January 6th protesters compared to their lack of action towards Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists portends a dark future of Covid vaccine tyranny. They are using their puppets in Big Tech and mainstream media to push the narrative as well. Very soon, they will call on Americans to report their family, friends, and neighbors who demonstrate anti-vax tendencies. We are being marked for reeducation and/or removal.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist or even an anti-vaxxer to see the insanity being built around us. Quick note: I am not an “anti-vaxxer” per se. I never addressed or even worried about actual vaccines until the Covid jabs came around. This is all new to me, but it doesn’t take a PhD to realize the numbers don’t add up. The narrative makes no sense. The actual agenda is shrouded in layers of lies.

But I’m not here to convince you one way or another on the injections. I simply want you to make your own choices and to warn you that the Biden regime and those pushing The Great Reset will go to great and evil measures to take those choices away.

It’s happening now and it’s going to get worse. Stand tall and persevere against the growing oppression. It’s going to get darker before we ever see the light.