America Burning

The Planned Demolition of the Biden Regime Is Happening in Real-Time

Leftist media is turning on Joe Biden. Fellow Democrats are turning on Joe Biden. The Hunter Biden “hack” over the weekend is making things even worse. Is Joe Biden done? Yes, and we need to understand that the powers-that-be planned it that way.

First, let’s go back to 2020 during the Democrat nominee selection process. Joe Biden was quickly knocked out early on. He had abysmal showings in all but one state, South Carolina, where he won but not by the margin they were expecting. Going into Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders had all the momentum with Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar showing the best chances of beating him.

Then, magically, two of the “Establishment” frontrunners dropped out to make room for Biden to perform well for Super Tuesday. The rest is history.

At the time, I was wondering what Biden had done to earn the push by the powerbrokers at the DNC. One theory came from Lt. General Thomas McInerney who believed Biden’s connections to Hammer and Scorecard were necessary for Democrats to win in the general election, so he parlayed that into backing from the DNC. It made sense because two weeks before Super Tuesday, Democrat Senators who were hammering the various voting machine companies about their massive vulnerabilities suddenly stopped asking questions, stopped having hearings, and stopped speaking out against companies like Dominion. It was as if they knew something, or to be more accurate, it was as if they were given instructions to back off.

While I still think Lt. General McInerney’s theory has some legs, I’m now leaning toward the theory that Biden was simply the most expendable of the candidates. The powers-that-be in the Liberal World Order knew they needed someone they could control and eventually sacrifice once things got really bad in America. They determined they could do the most damage by having TWO people they could control. With Biden in the Oval Office and Kamala Harris lurking in the shadows, they had the ability to use Biden to take America down economically, which he has done. Then, they could eject him and move someone else they controlled, Harris, into the driver’s seat.

Corporate media is doing their part. They’ve essentially turned on Biden completely. The NY Times is questioning whether Biden is too old. CNN and MSNBC are regularly reporting on his abysmal approval ratings. Even WaPo is writing hit pieces against him. The media defenders of all things Democrat have become critics of the regime for some reason. Of course, we believe we know what that reason is. They’re being told to do so.

Is Joe on his way out? It would seem like that’s the case, especially when we take into account the Hunter Biden “hacks” over the weekend. I posted my thoughts about them on Twitter:

The Hunter “hack” was intentionally allowed by the powers-that-be.

It is Standard Operating Procedure to secure ALL devices and online accounts of POTUS and VP family members. The securing process is extreme for normal people. For Hunter Biden, it would have been a monstrous undertaking that was checked by multiple agencies multiple times.

Dozens if not hundreds of high-end hacker groups, most of them state-sponsored, attempt to compromise anyone associated with a POTUS. There is a zero percent chance that any of the ones capable of doing this would then put it on 4Chan without being told to do so.

Hunter Biden’s incompetence + 4Chan’s penchant for chaos = Suspension of disbelief. Most are not seeing that this was manufactured for an agenda because the players involved make the scenario seem plausible as long as we disregard that it’s impossible that it went down that way.

This whole mess was one triggering factor in a plan to take down Joe Biden. And to those who think this was the “good guys” doing good guy things, it’s not. The demolition of our economy and the reduction of our status in the world will be blamed on an outgoing Biden.

Kamala Harris, who is the least-qualified and most ill-prepared VP in modern history, is not an upgrade from Joe Biden. The globalist elites will control her just like they control Biden and America will continue its downward trend as they usher in The Great Reset.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into more details about it. I also continued my interview with Christopher Marston from Mass Tort Financing. We discussed the various ways the economy is looking bad and how investors are seeking alternative asset classes that make better sense for their money. In the third segment I replayed the mini-show I did over the weekend about the suspicious gas line and plant explosions that have been happening lately.

We can laugh at Hunter Biden and cheer on the regime’s downfall all we want, but things are not looking rosy for America’s recovery of status, economic standing, or freedom.