The Next Generation Of MyPillow: Two Best-Loved Products Get Major Updates

When stores kicked Mike Lindell’s MyPillow out for questioning election fraud, a lot of entrepreneurs would have closed shop.

But not Mike Lindell.

Not only did Mike keep going – he also kept innovating and updating!

Mike just introduced the new versions of two of his best-loved products: 

— MyPillow 2.0

— MyMattress Topper 2.0

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What makes the new MyPillow 2.0 so special?

Watch Mike talk about it here:

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The MyPillow 2.0 has brand NEW temperature-regulating technology keeps you comfortable throughout the night!

The new technology:

  • Dissipates heat and humidity to create a cooling sensation to maintain a cooler surface temperature.

  • Helps regulate your body temperature through the night by creating a lower surface temperature for a more restful night sleep.

  • Makes it so the properties last the life of the pillow — because it is a fiber, not a finish.

MyPillow 2.0 comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so get a bunch!

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Plus, Mike just introduced MyMattress Topper 2.0!

When you add the right mattress topper, you’ll keep your hips, spine, and shoulders supported. And if you need to change it, it’s easy and low-cost!

Imagine waking up pain-free!

People who have MyPillow’s Mattress Topper 2.0 say it’s been great for their sleep.

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People are saying:

“It is a great balance of firmness and softness. It is very comfortable and improved my sleep comfort the first night.”

“The best mattress topper – very comfortable and doesn’t slide off the bed. If you want comfort and good body temperature, I recommend this coil mattress topper.”

“Turned my 12 yr old sleep number mattress into a super comfortable, soft, supporting mattress! Saved me from having to buy a whole new mattress for my aging bones.”

The new MyPillow Mattress Topper 2.0 has:

– 2″ 1.8 lb Density, 20 ILD Premium Comfort Foam
– 1″ Support + Comfort Layer: NanoCoil® Edge with Center Zone for Active Support & Cooler Sleep
– Upcycled steel micro-coils provide enhanced air circulation, contouring comfort, responsive support, and superior durability.
– NanoCoils® deliver a dynamic response to natural body movements providing the support needed for deep, relaxing sleep
– Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact. Features ActivEdge™ and Center Zoning for additional perimeter and targeted zonal support.
– And much more!

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When you get to the MyPillow website, look for this box at the top of the page:

Put TLD where it says “ENTER PROMO CODE HERE” and hit “CONFIRM” to get the discount.

Enjoy a wonderful night of sleep!

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