The 'News,' Brought to You by Pfizer

The ‘News,’ Brought to You by Pfizer

Big Pharma owns Washington DC. That has been the case long before Covid-19 and has only ramped up proportionately with their increasing profits thanks to the “vaccines” they’re producing that effectively print bribe money. But those dealings are done in the shadows through proxies, campaign donations, PAC donations, and promises of future “favors.”

Mainstream media’s puppet status for Big Pharma is out in the open. They proudly declare it every time they list their sponsors for their “news” programs. Pfizer in particular has been very adept at acquiring sponsorships for fake news, which makes one wonder how unbiased these “journalists” can be when their paychecks and the paychecks of their producers are partially paid for by the very companies they tout on a daily basis.

We constantly hear about how the ineffective, dangerous Covid-19 jabs are “safe and effective” on media reports. Even examples of adverse reactions are reluctantly reported with the obligatory addendum that they are “rare” even when they’re not. We’re always told how well they work at stopping Covid-19 when in reality the number of “rare” breakthrough cases are skyrocketing. If you ever wondered why this narrative persists, just watch this video…

We absolutely, positively cannot trust mainstream media when it comes to the so-called “vaccines.” We really can’t trust them on any topic, but they’ve taken their fake newsiness and expanded it exponentially when it comes to Big Pharma’s wishes. Anyone who thinks the show hosts and personalities are not as directly coerced by Big Pharma as their networks is glib. This is why it is imperative that Americans break away from getting their news from corporate media.

Trust none of them.

The sad reality of our society is that the arbiters-of-truth are among the biggest liars possible. They’re up there with politicians and time-share salesmen when it comes to promoting a narrative rather than reality.