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The More We Learn About the 2020 Election, the Harder It Is to Deny It Was Stolen

Millions of us have unwaveringly maintained our belief that the 2020 election was stolen. We have not listened to those on the left calling us crazy insurrectionists. We have not listened to those on the right telling us to “move on.” We’ve stayed true to believing what we saw with our eyes, what we understood in our minds, and what we felt in our hearts.

It’s been challenging for some. My show was banned on Spotify, YouTube, and other venues over election “misinformation.” Others have had it worse. But through it all we’ve kept our resolve. That’s why it’s refreshing to hear about those who formerly denied massive, widespread voter fraud and corruption who are now coming around to the truth.

Grabien Founder Tom Elliott took to Twitter to drop some truth bombs about the 2020 election. These are worth sharing, especially with those who are skeptical but who may be open to hearing the truth.

The more we learn about the 2020 election, the more undeniable it becomes that Biden owes his “victory” to blatant political corruption. To wit:

  1. An IRS probe into the Bidens money laundering payments from hostile nations — the normal outcome of which would have ended his candidacy — was instead given a stand-down order
  2. The FBI & IRS wanted to search Biden’s house in September 2020 but were given a stand down order.
  3. The @FBI authenticated Hunter’s laptop a year before the NY Post first reported on its contents
  4. Rather than use the laptop’s voluminous documentation of myriad felonies to initiate criminal investigations, the FBI hatched a plot to warn social media companies of an imminent “hack & leak” operation of what they heavily suggested was Russian disinformation
  5. The FBI used its 2016 Russia collusion probe — which the Durham probe has since proven was essentially an extension of the Clinton campaign — to rationalize its meddling in the 2020 election.
  6. The FBI also conducted an influence operation with various reporters at major newspapers to convince them that forthcoming damaging reporting about Biden that they knew was true was in fact not
  7. The FBI was spying on Giuliani when he shared the laptop’s contents with the NY Post
  8. When the FBI told Twitter & Facebook a Russian disinformation campaign was coming, they had already concluded Russia wasn’t trying to game the election
  9. In their attempt to corroborate their own rumor of Russian electoral influence, the FBI became aggressive with its demands for user data from Twitter, eventually getting shutdown for seeking users’ private info without a warrant
  10. Nonetheless, in the preceding years, the FBI established a beachhead inside Twitter, with an operations center of former agents who communicated via their own dedicated slack channel. These ex-agents included Jim Baker, the FBI’s former top counsel who played a central role in the FBI’s Trump/Russia scam, as well as Comey’s former chief of staff, Dawn Burton, who started the FBI’s Russia collusion probe.
  11. The CIA, in collusion with the Biden campaign, seeded disinformation claiming the laptop was itself Russian disinformation. The major media used this as a pretext to avoid reporting on its contents and instead attack those who were.
  12. The FBI also arranged a meeting with Sens. Grassley & Johnson about supposed Russian disinformation & Hunter Biden.
  13. The FBI then used this briefing with the senators to justify quashing their own agents’ probe into the Bidens’ corruption.
  14. When the story broke mere weeks before the election — one that polling later indicated would have altered enough Democrat votes to send Trump to a second term — Twitter & Facebook orchestrated an unprecedented & anti-democratic mass censorship campaign.
  15. When Twitter initially resisted censoring the story, it was Jim Baker who convinced them to do so (despite the FBI having known for a year the information was true).
  16. In December 2020, after the operation’s success and Biden’s “victory,” the FBI agents working at & with Twitter celebrated the outcome.
  17. The FBI subsequently paid Twitter $3.5 million for the staff hours expended on their influence operations.
  18. At the time Trump was being impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate Biden’s alleged corruption in Ukraine, the FBI & IRS already knew the Bidens had indeed laundered more than $10 million from Burisma, via fake companies and dozens of bank accounts, while at the same time VP Biden had used U.S. aid as leverage in getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma fired.

P.S. And that’s to say nothing of Democrats orchestrating a state-by-state campaign to change voting rules to enable the widespread adoption of voting boxes … Left-wing activist groups, funded in part by Facebook, facilitated the exploitation of these drop-off boxes on behalf of the Democratic Party. That part may not have been illegal since they simply changed the rules, but it’s especially shady since it was done alongside federal health agencies then-knowingly overstating the threat of Covid, which was used as the rationale for the change of rules in the first place.

P.P.S. And this is just what we know despite the feds’ best efforts. Imagine how much we don’t.

Corruption Versus Voter Fraud

The 2020 election was not stolen through a single measure. The powers-that-be such as the Democrat Party, Deep State, and Globalist Elite Cabal, attacked their Trump problem from every possible angle.

This list by Elliott is indisputable and focuses on the corruption that swayed election results. While many of us stay focused on the outright voter fraud and demonstrable count manipulation that took place before, during, and after Election Day, 2020 (and 2022), this list by Elliott attacks the corruption angle. It’s important to make that distinction because there are those who simply shut down once discussion of full-blown voter fraud is brought up.

Is there a chance that the 2020 election can still be reversed? God will do as He does, and at this point I believe He is the only one who could make a sudden change. But it’s important to continue to expose what happened in 2020 even without hope of it impacting the results of that election because we need as many Americans aware of what’s going to continue to happen until we stop it.

Those who cheated in 2020 are despicable, but I actually have more animosity toward those who believe the 2020 election was stolen but have bought into the UniParty Swamp narrative that we need to “move on.” The 2022 “Red Tsunami” was thwarted because too many on the right moved on. The 2024 election will not work out for the nation if too many people continue to ignore what happened in 2020.

Now is NOT the time to move on. We need the corruption and the voter fraud of 2020 exposed if we have any hope the 2024 election will not be a repeat. That mission continues by sharing Elliott’s post. We need to fight the good fight or our nation will be lost forever.

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