Gershon Fuentes

The Monster Who Raped the 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Is an Illegal Alien . . . Now Watch the Story Vanish

Baby murder activists were giving each other high-fives when it was revealed a man had been arrested for the rape of a 10-year-old girl in Ohio. It proved that the victim in the story reported last week by most corporate news outlets and repeated by Joe Biden was real, debunking claims by many on the right (including me) that the story was likely made-up.

But we can now expect the story to disappear quickly because Gershon Fuentes, the man who has confessed to raping and impregnating the young girl, is an illegal alien. According to Jennie Taer at Daily Caller:

An ICE spox has confirmed to the @DailyCaller News Foundation that Gershon Fuentes, who allegedly raped a 10 year old girl in Ohio who had an abortion, was in the US illegally. More coming on this.

Even if we dismiss the fact that leftists were actually happy that a monster raped and impregnated a young girl because it promoted their agenda, we must not let them get away with hiding this inconvenient fact. They want the narrative to be all about abortion, but if we enforced our immigration laws and stopped allowing illegal aliens to stay in the country, this 10-year-old girl would never have had to have an abortion because she wouldn’t have been raped.

Just as they do with stories about dozens shot every weekend in gun-controlled Democrat cities, they will try to bury this inconvenient fact. They want the story to be all about why they should be able to murder as many innocent babies as possible and not about the massive crime, drug, and economic problems derived from their open borders policies. It is incumbent on us to get the truth out there and prevent this from being swept under the rug.