The Left Freaked out Over “Horse Drug” Ivermectin but Now They LOVE “Horse Drug” DIY Abortion Pills

For the better part of two years, Ivermectin has been panned by Democrats, corporate media, and the rest of the anti-science crowd because it’s a “horse dewormer”… at least that’s what they wanted people to believe. In reality, it’s an incredibly effective HUMAN anti-parasitic and anti-viral treatment, but the hard push to get as many people either jabbed, taking Remdesivir, or both prompted the gaslighting campaign against Ivermectin.

Now that it appears Roe v Wade is going to be overturned, leftists are promoting a do-it-yourself version of an abortion pill. The ironic part is they’re seemingly indifferent to the fact that it requires the use of a horse ulcer pill. In fact, it is far less suitable for humans than Ivermectin, but maintaining their ability to murder as many pre-born babies as possible supersedes the risks and the devastating effects on their credibility.

Sean Davis noted, “If you discussed ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning drug, as an effective COVID treatment, Big Tech banned you. But if you advertise how to murder a baby using horse ulcer pills, Big Tech is all good with that.”

He wasn’t alone. Many others took to social media to deliver similar condemnation to the people who were once obsessed with stopping horse drugs from being used by people. That didn’t stop Vice News from broadcasting an instruction video on how to make abortion pills from horse drugs.

According to Valiant News:

Vice has shared instructions from a radical anarchist group on how to use horse ulcer medication to make DIY abortion pills.

On Monday night, Politico published a leak of a draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito. The draft opinion, which was allegedly supported by five justices and was later confirmed as legitimate, would lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that legalised abortion nationwide.

In response, Motherboard, the technology section of Vice, posted an article entitled “Anarchist Collective Shares Instructions to Make DIY Abortion Pills” on Tuesday, given that the “constitutional right to abortion” was under threat.

The Vice article included a link to a video on creating abortion pills from the radical anarchist group, Four Thieves Vinegar Collective, who specialise in the advocacy of DIY medication. The video, posted September last year, instructed future mothers on how to use misoprostol, most commonly used as a medication to treat ulcers in horses, to make pills that would induce an abortion.

Leftists have advantages. They seem immune to embarrassment for their cognitive dissonance and unfazed when they engage in rank hypocrisy constantly. And they love killing as many pre-born babies as possible.