The Guardian Jumps the Shark With Contradictory, Unhinged Attack Against “Sound of Freedom”

It’s no secret that corporate media, Hollywood, and the left in general are not happy with the tremendous success of Jim Caviezel’s new movie, “Sound of Freedom.” And if you thought they might put their virtue signaling down for a moment and just ignore their feelings for the sake of the children, think again.

In the minds of the radical left, anything that is associated with a known conservative must be bad, even if it addresses the heinous crimes in the massive child sex trafficking industry. That’s why there’s no surprise The Guardian contradicted itself in a recent article about the movie, as Jack Posobiec pointed out…

The Guardian ran a huge exposé on child sex trafficking in Columbia in 2018. Now they are saying it’s a conspiracy theory to watch a movie about child sex trafficking set in Columbia.

It’s hideous to think the political left and their corporate media puppets would stoop so low as to call concerns over child sex trafficking “paranoid,” but it is what it is. Welcome to 2023.