Patrick Buchanan Was Right About Everything

The Godfather of the America First Movement Retires

Conservative political icon Patrick Buchanan is retiring. After decades of promoting the America First movement before the modern iteration under President Trump, Buchanan has decided to not offer his insights ahead of what is expected to be a contentious presidential election season.

According to Washington Examiner:

As Republicans struggle through a rocky transition from being the party of business to that of the working class, a conservative pundit whose own trajectory anticipated that transformation 30 years ago is hanging up his pen.

Pat Buchanan has retired from his syndicated column ahead of a presidential election that will test the staying power of a more populist and nationalist conservatism and after a midterm election cycle that demonstrated its growing pains.

In addition to his decades of commentary, Buchanan advised Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan as they integrated the “silent majority” into the GOP. He ran for the office three times himself, on a platform similar to the one former President Donald Trump was elected on in 2016.

“What America first means is we put the national interests of the United States and the well-being of our own country and our own people first. Our foreign policy, first and foremost, should be focused on the defense of American freedom, security and rights,” Buchanan told NPR two days after Trump took office.

It was a phrase widely seen as considered discredited by World War II that Buchanan had been using as far back as his 1990 National Interest essay “America First — and Second, and Third.”

On a personal note, this is very sad for me as Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh really helped shape my political values as a young man. Just as Rush is missed as a man, Buchanan’s wisdom will be missed as well.