The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Was Never About an Investigation

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Was Never About an Investigation

If there ever needed to be evidence of protection from on high in government for the globalist elite, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is all you need to see to call it “case closed.” Maxwell herself may be going to jail, but the powerful men she could have and should have implicated are not only free to continue their pedophilic crimes, but they’re going to maintain their tacit anonymity as well.

According to Jonathan Turley on Wayne Dupree’s site:

Here’s what Jonathan Turley said: “One glaring issue in the conviction is that Maxwell conspired to transport girls for sex but, beyond Epstein, none of the men who allegedly had sex with these girls have been prosecuted. …It is akin to prosecuting a getaway driver but not the bank robbers. Maxwell was an enabler not just for Epstein but his high profile friends. Those “Lolita Express” flights transporting girls for these men.”

There are a handful of brave politicians, including Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, who are calling for the names of the sick elites to be released, but the vast majority in the political class are perfectly happy to moving along without the identities of the powerful sexual predators being revealed. We already know some of them by accusation and association, including Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, but there are certainly dozens if not hundreds more that Maxwell could have revealed.

Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz said on Fox News:

Former congressman Jason Chaffetz reacted to Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction on five of six counts in the federal sex trafficking case involving her late lover, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, on “The Five” Wednesday and said that there’s a lot more to the story that the federal government should investigate. 

“I’m glad she’s going to essentially spend the rest of her life in jail. And I hope that it is,” Chaffetz said. “But there’s also a lot more to this story … There are a lot of other people that were complicit … If the federal government is going to do their job, they need to go after those people as well,” he said.

Perhaps Jack Posobiec from Human Events Tweeted the whole situation the best:

The entirety of what just happened was a full-blown coverup. They needed to give the perception that there was a trial and that the guilty would be outed, but in reality it was all designed to protect the identities of the monsters who Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell have been protecting and possibly blackmailing for decades. The “trial” was a legal remedy to prevent the truth from coming out. Whatever happens to Maxwell is secondary. All they wanted was to protect the guilty elite.