The Fix Is Already in For Gavin Newsom, But They Showed Us Their Weakness. #WhatIsNewsomHiding_

The Fix Is Already in For Gavin Newsom, But They Showed Us Their Weakness. #WhatIsNewsomHiding?

Democrats in California are concerned. By “concerned,” I mean they’re mildly irritated that they have to go through the motions of putting forth a recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom. They don’t really believe he will lose, but they’re trying to spin the fact that his superiority was questioned at all. It’s the right-wing racists, they say. It’s Russia. It’s QAnon. It’s… it’s… anything other than the fact that Newsom has been an utter disaster as Governor.

They’re concerned, but they’re not worried. They have all the shenanigans in their election-rigging playbook at their disposal, so it’s not a question of whether they’ll cheat but how many plays in the playbook they’re willing to use. They started it before the signatures were even finished being collected. Reports (one made by me when I witnessed it first hand) indicate they had booths positioned around the state for multiple signature drives. These paid political operatives often sit outside of grocery stores or in front of sporting events collecting signatures for various initiatives. One of them was the Recall Newsom drive.

But many of those signatures never saw the light of day. People thought they had signed the petition, but their signatures were often “accidentally” trashed or altered. This not only reduced the count but it misled people who wanted to get rid of Newsom into believing they’d done their part. When asked later to sign a petition by volunteers, they declined because they thought they’d already done it.

Despite all of this, enough signatures were collected. At least, that’s what we hoped. But Democrats desperately wanted to cut it all off so they changed many of the rules regarding signature verification in hopes that enough could be disqualified. The easiest way for an unpopular incumbent to win a recall election is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That play failed, so they had to dust off the whole playbook and prepare for battle.

Now we’re here. But they’re not going to play fair. First, the set the election for the earliest possible date to reduce the ability of opposition candidates to spread the word and campaign. Then, they called in all of their corporate and Hollywood donors to give big dollars to Newsom’s campaign. He now has more money to fight the recall than all of his competitors combined, and it’s not even close.

Their most egregious act to date is the attempt, which appears to be successful so far, to keep Larry Elder off the ballot. As a popular national figure he threatens to drive a lot of disenfranchised Californians to vote Newsom out. So, they pulled out a technicality regarding tax return redactions to keep him out.

Of course, they never play by their own rules so Newsom himself is excused from even supplying his tax returns. According to Breitbart:

The Secretary of State is not releasing Governor Gavin Newsom’s tax returns — even as she is trying to exclude conservative radio host Larry Elder from the upcoming recall election because of supposedly incomplete tax returns.

On Sunday, Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced a preliminary list of 41 candidates that excluded Elder. Elder revealed yesterday that he had been told he failed to submit complete tax returns, though he said he had done so. He is planning to sue Weber to compel his inclusion on the final list of candidates when it is released on Wednesday, July 21.

In contrast, Weber said Monday that Gov. Newsom’s tax returns would not be available to the general public because he is not technically considered a “candidate” in the September recall, since he is the officer who is subject to the recall vote.

This is an important tell. One would expect a politician, particularly a Democrat, to willingly reveal their tax returns to the public. That’s what they always griped about with Donald Trump. The fact that they’re conspicuously hiding Newsom’s returns tells us there’s something there they don’t want us to see. It could be something basic like the fact that he’s a filthy rich elitist who has flaunted his superior status throughout the lockdowns. Or, it could be something more nefarious.

I’d love to say that the California Republican strategy should be to focus on Newsom’s elitism and make a huge deal out of his refusal to release his tax returns, but thus far the state and county GOP offices have seemed mostly disinterested in this race. They have already given up, falling in line with the low expectations they’ve garnered in this state. They’re sitting this one out, but if we can show them we’re VERY interested they may change their tune.

We, the people, cannot sit back. We must act. The best way to do this is to spread the word. But it will take much more than that. We need to rally the people to vote against Newsom on the first all-important question on the ballot. Accumulating votes to replace him in the second question is meaningless if the first question does not pass. Californians will be asked if Gavin Newsom should be recalled. We need a majority of voters to agree that he should. Whoever is on top with the second question will be the next governor.

His elite status and his tax returns are his weakness. We must exploit them. We cannot wait for the GOP in the state to do anything. It’s up to the people to organize protests, make calls, and blast it out there. We have to keep asking one question: #WhatIsNewsomHiding?

The people MUST demand that Gavin Newsom release his tax returns and reveal what he is so desperate to keep from the public. Democrats have pulled out all stops to protect his failing governorship. This is the key to setting things right.