FBI's Richmond Document

The “FBI’s Richmond Document” Exposes Deep State Spying on All Those Darn Catholic Domestic Terrorists

Congressman Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government delivered a demand to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Monday for his cooperation in their oversight of what appears to be a massive sting operation on Catholics across the country. The “FBI’s Richmond Document” reveals the Feds have infiltrated at least one Catholic church in hopes of finding domestic terrorists among those with “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology.”

I say “at least one” because the operation appears to have spread across the country. This is the tip of the iceberg.

The document, officially titled “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities” and referred to by the Subcommittee as the “FBI’s Richmond Document,” reveals a startling operation to spy on and entrap Catholics.

“In the document, the FBI purportedly categorize Catholic Americans based on theological distinctions and relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center to suggest that certain kids of Catholic Americans may be domestic terrorists,” Jordan’s letter reads.

The SPLC has been working with the FBI to classify conservative and religious Americans as domestic terrorists for some time. Their radical leftist ideology seems to be welcome by the “woke” Department of Justice; conservative groups who attempt to expose domestic terrorism in Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other leftist groups have been completely ignored and often admonished by the FBI.

The documents detail how the FBI infiltrates these churches and develops assets among clergy and members to inform their handlers when someone is expressing “traditionalist” views. This makes very little sense as Catholics have not demonstrated a penchant for being domestic terrorists. Is this really an attempt to stop violent attacks or is it a direct assault against faithful Americans?

According to Senator Josh Hawley, Attorney General Merrick Garland lies about this:

I specifically asked Merrick Garland whether the FBI was targeting Catholic parishes and he said no. Now it turns out the FBI was using undercover sources in multiple parishes.

As Rogan O’Handley noted on Twitter, this evil has no bottom:

Remember when most of America was shocked that the DOJ would classify soccer moms going to school board meetings as “domestic terrorists”? Well now the House GOP has found evidence showing the FBI is spying on Americans in their churches too This evil has no bottom.

Congressman Andy Biggs chimed in as well:

I wonder how many undercover employees were attending Easter masses across the nation yesterday. This is just another reason why we must defund the FBI/DOJ. They’ve completely departed from their mission.

This is one of the rare benefits to come from the GOP House Majority as the Weaponization Committee delivers piecemeal exposure to corruption. They have underwhelmed up to this point but this new revelation is one of the bombshells we’ve hoped to see from them. Are there many more on the way? Have I just been too impatient? We’ll see.

Everything we’ve learned about the FBI since the Trump era paints a very damning picture of a supposed law enforcement organization that has lost its way. Now, we’re learning their evil is far more widespread than we realized.