School Shut Down

“The Economist” Gets Cerebral About Schools Shutting Down Over the Pandemic, so Nate Silver Destroys Them in 13 Words

Left-on-left takedowns have become much more common lately. We’ve seen some being red-pilled, but most are just speaking out about fellow progressives losing their own narrative and embarrassing themselves. The latter seems to be the case as pollster Nate Silver his leftist rag The Economist for a ridiculous assertion.

According to The Economist, “New data suggest that the damage from shutting down schools has been worse than almost anyone expected.”

The trend toward leftist media outlets suddenly “discovering” the narratives they pushed for two years about Covid-19 were wrong has been fodder for attacks. The reason is actually pretty funny. They don’t ever admit they were wrong. They just claim they were right based on the data they had available at the time. Never mind the fact that many if not most conservative news outlets were seeing the same data and coming to the right conclusions from close to the beginning of the pandemic.

In the eyes of these leftist rags, they were justified in screwing up the news.

Left-leaning pollster Nate Silver from Five Thirty Eight has been calling out his fellow progressives more and more lately. His latest takedown hit The Economist where it hurts their smug journalists the most: In their so-called “intellect.”

“Really? This was one of the most predictable policy mistakes of all time.”


We can laugh at the incredulity of outlets The Economist, but it’s actually very sad. So many Americans are still in the dark and think these progressive publications will tell them the truth. They will not.