The Democrats’ Latest Round of Deception, in Collusion With the Fake News Media, Is Even More Reason to Take Out the Communist Trash

As quickly as Democrats deploy Communist tactics of diversion and suppression, the American Right takes the bait. If the Left is skilled at anything, it is controlling the national conversation. Monday’s Conservative press largely fell prey to this diversion and suppression tactic.  

Many missed the main goals of the diversion: take all the oxygen in the room away from the story the country has waited over 4 years to hear: Durham’s weighty indictment in the 2016 Russia Hoax. What should have been the hottest topic of the day’s national conversation was the damning indictment of Igor Danchenko and his direct connection to the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democrat Party.  Vindicated conspiracy theorists missed the opportunity to remove their tinfoil hats and, once again, say, “I told you so.”  And undoubtedly Mark Levine would have received praise for arriving at the very same conclusion, four years earlier than Durham.   

To mask this news, the perpetrators of the Steele Dossier simply used a new document, the Ashley Biden Diary. Its goals are similar to the Steele Dossier.  The Left needed a new tool to spy on its opposition and possibly destroy it. Project Veritas, arguably the largest political thorn in the Democrat Party’s side, became the target during the 2020 election.  

The Ashley Biden Diary news story should have started and ended like this: ”Democrats are at it again. Another Biden kid lost something. Project Veritas didn’t take the bait. They were offered the “found” diary, determined its authenticity was questionable and attempted to return it only to have the Bidens reject it.  Biden’s weaponized FBI that played a major role in the spying made possible by the Steele Dossier is now creating a smokescreen to hide Durham’s revelation of their con of the American public.  

Now to the news; This raid was intended to hide: Durham handed down an indictment of Democrat operative and Hillary Clinton Campaign employee Igor Danchenko.  He ties Democrats and Hillary Clinton to the Russians and spying on Donald Trump before his election victory and during his presidency. 

Journalists on the Right made the raid of Project Veritas about a breach of Freedom of the Press, but missed an equally important point:  A corrupt press played a role in this breach. The New York Times received a tip-off of a Grand Jury investigation and FBI raid at James O’Keefe’s apartment. That information is classified. But this is the same paper that served as super-spreader of the Russia Hoax made possible by the Steele dossier. They needed a smokescreen to bury Durham’s indictment of Danchenko, too.  

All the same suspects with a similar tactic. Fool us once, shame on us.  

It’s time freedom-loving Americans call on Congress to impeach Biden and fully investigate the New York Times, the FBI, and the DOJ for possible treasonous collusion. It’s time to take out the trash and unite as Americans against tyranny and what is nothing short of a coordinated Communist coup.  And if you think it’s anything less than that, you’ve simply not been paying attention. Tyrants count on that.