The Deep State Licks Its Wounds as “National Day of Hate” Doesn’t Materialize for Them

Did you miss the “National Day of Hate”? It was yesterday. You may not have heard much about it because it didn’t actually happen, much to the chagrin of the Feds who tried to manufacture it.

As Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noted:

Feeling bad for the feds this morning. They planned a whole “national day of hate” yesterday but nobody showed up. Probably want to make the psy-op a little bit less obvious next time, fellas.

Corporate media was just as hurt by the failure as the Feds. Here’s a Chicago’s Channel 9 lamenting the failed bonanza:

No incidents related to “National Day of Hate” were reported Saturday, the Chicago Police Department said. Chicago police, Illinois State Police and other police agencies released statements urging people to be vigilant after they saw an increase in “domestic violent extremist messaging” about the day.

On Saturday evening, the Anti-Defamation League said despite concerns about an increase in anti-Semitic activity, it was a “pretty typical Saturday in America.”

State police said Neo-Nazi and anti-Semite groups were encouraging hate actions over the weekend. According to the ADL, “National Day of Hate,” a day they said could’ve included anti-Semitic and white supremacist propaganda distributions and banners, was Feb. 25.

“This anti-Semitic proposed event has instructed like-minded individuals to drop banners, place stickers and flyers, and vandalize by way of graffiti as forms of biased so-called activism,” a community alert from Chicago police read. “These organizers request that potential actions be recorded and/or photographed to submit online.”

The ADL said the day was originally proposed by an Iowa-based neo-Nazi group. Both Illinois State Police and Chicago police said there was no intelligence for the community to take action on.

The Feds desperately needs to manufacture another J6 incident to justify paying more attention to grandma “domestic terrorists” speaking out at school board meetings than child rapists and murderers.