The Dark History of “Vaccines”: The Manmade Origin of AIDS and Other Diseases

Freedom-loving commentator Mindy Robinson never holds back. It doesn’t matter if she’s discussing pedophiles, the Las Vegas mass murders, or vaccines. She delivers the uncensored truth.

Or, as she likes to call them, the Conspiracy Truths.

Her latest mini-documentary tackles the sordid history of vaccine development in America. As she posted on her video:

If you think what the government just did with the covid jab was bad… wait until I tell you how scientists using animals as vectors to manufacture vaccines have created multiple new human diseases and cancers throughout the years.

Just months before AIDS broke out in New York City, they were testing a new hepatitis B vaccine targeted specifically toward gay men in Manhattan. Within months purple lesions began appearing on their skin, and yet the hepatitis vaccine experiments continued on anyway with gay men in San Francisco, Los Angeles and unbelievably on children in South Africa… every future hot spot for the AIDS epidemic.

There was also Anthrax vaccine-related Gulf War Syndrome which the military swept under the rug because they were using our service members as Guinea pigs, and Simian Virus 40 a soft cell viral cancer that had only existed in primates until they contaminated a 1/3 of the polio vaccine supply, when the monkey they used to make it with was unknowingly carrying the viral cancer.

Before you or anyone you love takes another vaccine… watch this video, and decide for yourself if profit margins, corrupt federal agencies, fake science, and Big Pharma have corrupted our entire health care industry.

Here’s her video: