. . . BRICS Rising: The China-Russia Threat Is Real and Could Decimate Americans’ Finances

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One does not have to be an economist or financial advisor to recognize the massive threat to the U.S. economy posed by China and Russia. The leaders of the BRICS coalition have as their stated goal to replace the dominance of the U.S. Dollar in the world. If they can even partially accomplish this goal, they will disrupt the abilities of American businesses and citizens to thrive.

If they can fully accomplish their goals, it would cause an economic collapse in the United States unlike anything we’ve seen. This month, they appear to be taking the first major step to this end by preparing to launch a gold-backed BRICS currency.

The U.S. Dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency and the Petrodollar have enabled us to accumulate a massive national debt without crumbling under the weight of it because the vast majority of other nations would crumble along with us. But if China, Russia, or a globalist coalition pulls the financial rug out from under us, we will fail.

What some Americans do not understand is that this would not be isolated to government finances. It’s understandable some would think they won’t be affected because our economy has always been resilient; even after major downturns such as 2008-09, most Americans were able to come out of it okay and even thrived a few years later under the Trump administration. But what we’re seeing developing right now is very different from 2008-09. A sudden chain reaction of collapses, from stock markets to housing markets, would decimate wealth across the nation.

Central banks know this, which is why they’re moving as much as they can as quickly as possible to precious metals. According to London-based Financial Times writer Daria Mosolova:

Central bankers who manage trillions in foreign exchange reserves are loading up on gold as geopolitical tensions including the war in Ukraine force them to rethink their investment strategies.

An annual poll of 83 central banks, which manage a combined $7tn in foreign exchange assets, found that more than two-thirds of respondents thought their peers would increase their gold holdings in 2023.

Bullion tends to become more attractive in times of instability, and demand has soared over the past year. The amount of gold bought by central banks rose by 152 per cent year on year in 2022 to 1,136 tonnes, according to the World Gold Council, a trade body.

Is it only those managing trillions of dollars in assets who should be putting some of their money into precious metals? Of course not. These are unprecedented times and Americans MUST take the proper actions to protect themselves from what appears to be right around the corner.

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Some have said that what we’re seeing materializing around us is short-term. Even members of our own government have claimed this. But most economists are singing a different tune because de-dollarization is only one concern. According to Mosolova:

Gold was also seen as an effective hedge against high inflation — the number one concern of more than 70 per cent of those polled. The price of bullion is now close to an all-time nominal high, following the surge in inflation over the course of 2022.

The majority of those polled said the renminbi would become a larger share of international reserves over the rest of this decade.

European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde warned in a speech last week that rifts between the US and China threatened the leading positions of the dollar and euro in global reserve management.

There will always be those who say we’re being like “Chicken Little” for telling people about precious metals. But as anyone who has followed our work for years knows, we haven’t been recommending it forever. In fact, this is relatively new for us. Why? Because during the Trump years, we just didn’t see a need for it. Today, the need is unambiguous.

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