LIVE_ Trump Rally in Perry, Georgia

ICYMI: Conservatives (and Even Some Leftists) Gush as Trump Makes Shoestring Catch of Sharpie at Rally

For Joe Biden, common actions such as ascending stairs or stopping a bicycle without crashing to the ground are challenging. As he prepares to turn 80-years-old next month, it’s clear that anything that requires movement can put the installed president at risk. As frail as he is physically, his mental fitness seems to be even worse.

Then, there’s Donald Trump, who at 76-years-old is still golfing, speaking at rallies for hours, and can remember what he ate for breakfast. He can also catch poorly thrown sharpies with ease. As his son noted on Twitter:

Biden cant bring a fricken bicycle to a stop and Trump is out there catching sharpies out of mid air.

Sharp mind. Great reflexes. What does that say about America that 81-million of us allegedly voted for the other guy?