The Border Crisis Is So Bad Corporate Media Is Acknowledging It . . . Then Blaming it on Climate Change

Climate change is the reason behind EVERYTHING BAD IN THE WORLD TODAY! At least that’s what corporate media wants you to think, along with radical leftists, the Biden-Harris regime, and all of the members of the climate change cult.

The latest round of “blame it on climate change” has hit the border crisis. Corporate media is acknowledging that there’s a problem at the border. This is good news. The bad news is that they clown themselves with their excuses. Case-in-point: CBS Austin. Here are some snippets from their ludicrous article:

CBP seeing huge increases in migrants at southern border due to violence, climate disaster

The coming (fiscal) year may see even greater numbers arriving at the border, as CBP has already reported 863,929 enforcement actions since the start of the 2023 fiscal year in October 2022.

Republicans have been quick to drop the blame for these sorts of numbers at the feet of the Biden administration, which have pursued significantly less hard-liner policies than his predecessor – the Associated Press said in 2020 that “The Trump administration was more hostile to immigration and immigrants than any administration in decades.”

However, the case it not so clear cut.

Furthermore, a mix of environmental and political issues continue to impact those coming from areas like Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti. “What we are seeing at the border is a consequence of a confluence of factors,” Juliette Levy, associate professor of history at University of California – Riverside, told the university’s news platform. While she admits that the Biden administration’s “more welcoming” and less hard-liner policies are indeed a factor driving such high traffic to the border, it is not the main motivator.

“The fact is that in both Guatemala and Honduras, poverty is a main driver of migration, in concert with gang violence and paramilitary violence,” she explained. “And two hurricanes in 2020 laid waste to both countries — especially in the poorer areas of the country. Add to that the economic fall out of the pandemic and you have a powder keg of circumstances.”

We often link to local corporate media sources in our pursuit of the news. But sometimes I have a hard time linking to them because invariably they find some way to add leftist idiocy into every story they publish.

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