The Biden Regime Reacts Angrily to Elon Musk Trying to Buy Twitter, Launching Investigations From Multiple Agencies to Stop Him

Elon Musk hit a nerve in Washington DC as the Biden-Harris regime scrambles to intimidate him following his announced plans to acquire Twitter and make it a private company. Reports are coming in that they’ve suddenly launched several investigations into his dealings, none of which seem to have anything to do with Twitter.

Among the “crimes” Musk allegedly committed pertain to comments about taking Tesla private. He addressed this during a TED talk earlier:

Elon Musk took the Securities and Exchange Commission to task during a TED appearance Thursday, claiming he had the funding to take Tesla private despite the agency concluding that he had not.

“I should say actually… with Tesla back in the day, funding was actually secured,” Musk said. “I want to be clear about that.”

Musk has been trading blows with the SEC over the agency’s order that his tweets be reviewed by a lawyer before being publicly posted. The order is based on Musk’s decision to send the now-notorious “funding secured” tweet on August 7th, 2018, in which he claimed to have the finances to take Tesla private at $420 a share. (Tesla has been a publicly traded company since 2010.)

The SEC immediately launched an investigation, eventually concluding that, while he had held a few meetings with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, Musk “had never discussed a going-private transaction at $420 per share with any potential funding source, had done nothing to investigate whether it would be possible for all current investors to remain with Tesla as a private company via a ‘special purpose fund,’ and had not confirmed support of Tesla’s investors for a potential going-private transaction.”

Musk has refuted this in a litany of court documents over the past few months, and during the TED appearance, he offered more insight into why he believes the SEC is singling him out. Musk’s appearance in Vancouver was mainly a forum for him to discuss his recently announced hostile takeover bid of Twitter, but when TED founder Chris Anderson asked whether he had “funding secured” for the Twitter deal, Musk took that as an opportunity to re-litigate his four-year battle with the SEC.

It is unclear what the Department of Justice wants with him, but one thing is very clear. The Biden-Harris regime desperately wants to take him down before he does something that hurts them such as buying Twitter and opening the door to free speech on what he has described as the “digital public square.”