The Best Comeback Ever to Democrat Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Christian Hate

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is no stranger to controversy. Since before she was even elected in 2018, her history and rhetoric have been sticking points that even make fellow Democrats cringe. From marrying her brother to a long list of campaign finance allegations, the Somalia-born proponent of Islamic jihad has stayed in the news.

Lately, she had been relatively quiet so she decided to go after Christians to get her name in the headlines again. Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey took a moment to remind her that the religious freedoms she seems to oppose aren’t exactly kosher in her homeland:

Ilhan Omar asks how people would react if her Muslim family sang their worship songs on a plane. I don’t know, but it’s gotta be better than the reaction to Christian worship in her home country of Somalia, where Christians are slaughtered for praying in public.

Yeah, the situation might be a little more understandably tense. But Muslims are afforded equal freedom in the US to worship and speak as they please. Try just BEING a religious minority in a majority Muslim country. You face imprisonment & death.

The truth usually hurts when the liars are exposed, but something tells me Omar is not going to be dissuaded from her ongoing attacks against our freedoms or the American way of life.