That’ll Teach ‘Em: In Preparation for Roe v. Wade Getting Overturned, Anti-Life Democrat Has Fallopian Tubes Removed

Sometimes the lunacy of the left mirrors satire. Other times, it makes satire seem serious. Such is a case of one Supreme Court protester who came out to Washington DC today to “look them in the eyes” and make her voice heard.

And what did she have to say that was so important? She wanted the world to know that she had her fallopian tubes removed two weeks ago in anticipation of “losing” the “right” to murder any future preborn babies she might conceive.

What she may not have known is that overturning Roe v Wade did not ban abortion. It simply returned the decision to the states where it rightfully belonged. As a resident of Virginia, abortion is still legal today. Governor Glenn Youngkin isn’t seeking to ban it at all. He wants somewhere between 15-20 weeks to be the cutoff, meaning this deranged Democrat lady would have been able to continue having abortions if she didn’t have a major medical procedure done.

According to Valiant News:

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin said today that he will seek to ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Following the historical SCOTUS ruling, Youngkin asked four pro-life Republican Virginia legislators to craft legislation, and stated that a 20-week cutoff may be considered to deter partisanship among state lawmakers.

While most abortions would be outlawed in that given time frame, Youngkin noted that supports making exceptions for rape, incest and medical situations that pose risks to the mother’s life if the pregnancy were to go to term.

It all may seem loony to us for this lady to go to such extremes just in case she’s unaware that she’s pregnant until the second trimester, but it makes perfect sense to the radical left. Bless their hearts.