That Didn't Take Long_ Texas School Shooter Out on Bail Gets Arrested Again

That Didn’t Take Long: Texas School Shooter Out on Bail Gets Arrested Again

The teen accused of shooting fellow students at his high school is back in police custody after violating the terms of his bond on Friday.

Timothy Simpkins, who allegedly shot four people at Arlington Texas high school on October 7, was arrested for undisclosed violations of his release agreement. According to The Post Millennial:

Simpkins had been released into his parents’ custody on Oct. 7 2021 after having posted $75,000 in bail. He is still set to stand trial for three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Initial reports indicated that Simpkins motivation had to do with bullying at the school. But according to local outlet FOX 4, “his family claimed he was being bullied but the Arlington police chief said he does not believe bullying played any role in the shooting.”

Simpkins’s family had previously launched a GoFundMe campaign on that same day of Oct. 7 2021 which wound up lasting a mere 24 hours.

That same night, he was found to be partying with his family in his home. According to the conditions of his bond, he is to wear a tracking device at all times, undergo regular testing for drug and alcohol use, and be under house arrest.

One of Simpkins’ victims, Zaccaeus Selby, 15 years old, was shot multiple times and rushed to the hospital. He is, however, expected to survive his injuries in the long-term. One teacher was also shot in the back once, and another female student was grazed by one of the bullets from the gun Simpkins used.

This entire situation highlights the discrepancy between how shooters are treated the media. Compare his coverage with that of Kyle Rittenhouse. Simpkins was not shooting at people out of self-defense. He was the alleged aggressor. He did not rot in jail for an extended period of time, yet media barely batted an eye at his quick release. When Rittenhouse finally made it out on bail, the media hounded him.

If Rittenhouse has been arrested again after bailing out, it would have been front-page news with commentators coming on saying how this demonstrates his complete disregard for the law. With Simpkins, it isn’t even a story on most corporate news outlets.

There is system racism in corporate media. That racism is used to suppress information about suspects of color while scrutinizing and amplifying any White suspects. The fact that Simpkins is being ignored by the media tells us everything we need to know about their racist motivations when reporting (or not reporting) the “news.”

Don’t even get me started on the coverage blackout for Waukesha.