Terry McAwful Touts Virginia Public Schools and Raising His Children There, Forgets to Mention Four of them Went to Private School

Terry McAwful Touts Virginia Public Schools and Raising His Children There, Fails to Mention One Important Detail

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, a radical leftist Democrat, has been all over the board when it comes to education. He doesn’t want parents making decisions about their kids’ education. He claims Critical Race Theory is not taught there when it is. He ignores transgender rapes in girls’ bathrooms. All the while, he puts on a happy — albeit creepy — face when describing how wonderful Virginia public schools are.

He is very proud to have raised his kids through the system. Well, one, at least. He sent the other four to private school, though neglects to mention that on the campaign trail.

According to Fox News:

“We have a great school system in Virginia. Dorothy and I have raised our five children,” McAuliffe said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” during an interview in which he slammed Youngkin’s positions on education.

While this may be true, four out of McAuliffe’s five children went to private high schools.

According to a Washington Post profile from 2013, when after McAuliffe won a previous election to become governor, one of McAuliffe’s sons attended Gonzaga College High School, a Catholic institution in Washington, D.C., that has a current annual tuition of $24,950, not including meals or transportation.

That price tag is a bargain compared to The Potomac School in McLean, Va., where three of McAuliffe’s other went to high school. According to their website, Potomac’s tuition for the 2021-22 school year is $45,650 per year from grades 9-12.

Fox News reached out to McAuliffe’s campaign for comment but they did not immediately respond.

Terry McAuliffe lives in a fantasy world in which he pretends to fight for the regular people of Virginia while constantly demonstrating how detached he is from the middle class. He was a disaster as governor before and would be much worse now if he’s not stopped.