Camilo Campos

Tennessee Child-Raping Soccer Coach Who Was Busted After Leaving Phone at Pizza Place Is an Illegal Alien

Earlier this week, patriot Robby Starbuck assisted police by disseminating information about Camilo Campos, a soccer coach in Franklin, Tennessee. Now, we’re learning that Campos is an illegal alien.

It started with reporting on Sunday by Starbuck:

This is a horrific local story that I need help getting the word out about for local police. A local soccer coach in Franklin, TN named Camilo Campos left a phone at a restaurant. It was filled with videos of him raping boys who were unconscious. Many may not realize they’re victims but his phone has evidence of a lot of victims. If your child ever played for him, was around him or associated with him in any way then Franklin Police need you to call 615-794-2513.

I’m sick over this case. He’s held right now on $525,000 bond. Why the hell does a child rapist get the chance to bond out of jail when he’s ON VIDEO raping kids??? Our penalties for pedophiles are nowhere near adequate in America. They deserve an immediate death penalty!

I will be making it my mission to pass a law in Tennessee that results in child rapists getting the death penalty. Mark my words we’ll make it happen in the next year. I’ll use every ounce of political influence I have to make it happen. Enough is enough. Pedos deserve death!

More horrific details about the pedophile soccer coach in Franklin, TN. He left his phone at a pizza shop. The worker who found it has been offered free therapy over what he saw. Campos actually got his phone back the next day before he was arrested.

Today, Starbuck reported that Campos is an illegal alien:

BREAKING: Homeland Security has now confirmed that soccer coach Camilo Campos was an illegal immigrant. He was jailed after a Franklin, TN pizza shop employee found his phone filled with videos of Campos raping kids. He had at least 10 victims and that list is likely to grow.

How many victims would’ve been saved if businesses had checked his immigration status before employing him? Anyone that had the opportunity to use everify on him and didn’t should be held responsible with monetary damages paid to victims.

The invasion of illegal aliens isn’t just about lost jobs or increased burden on taxpayers. There are American citizens who are robbed, raped, and murdered daily in America by criminals who our government classifies as “migrants” and “asylum seekers.” It’s long past time to close the borders.