Ted Lieu Brags About the Biden-Harris Regime Not Running out of Toilet Paper and It Didn't Go as Planned

Ted Lieu Bragged About the Biden-Harris Regime Not Running Out of Toilet Paper and It Didn’t Go as Planned

There are only two consistent things about the Biden-Harris regime and the Democrats who currently control Congress. One is failure. The other is an uncanny ability to think they’re dunking on Donald Trump and Republicans when in actuality they’re dunking on themselves. It’s actually quite embarrassing.

The latest cringe moment came for Representative Ted Lieu. His attempt to brag about the Biden-Harris regime’s “accomplishment” of not running out of toilet paper backfired spectacularly. The comments on the Tweet were absolutely brutal as people shared images of bare shelves in grocery stores and gas prices shooting through the roof.

Lieu deleted the Tweet. As conservative commentator Jason Rantz pointed out:

Both parties have demonstrated a clear detachment from reality when it comes to the plight of the commoners in America, but Democrats have taken their elitist game to higher level. They really have no clue about what’s important to us, which is why they’re harping about the January 6 mostly peaceful protest over a year later even as the American people struggle to pay their bills.

As long as politicians like Ted Lieu continue their propaganda and gaslighting campaigns, we need to continuously call them out for it. Having toilet paper is meaningless when there’s no food in the pantry.