Ted Cruz on Biden Regime Pushing CRT_ 'They Claimed It Was an Error. I'll Tell You What the Error Was . . .'

Ted Cruz on Biden Regime Pushing CRT: ‘They Claimed It Was an Error — I’ll Tell You What the Error Was . . .’

Joe Biden’s Department of Education was busted giving guidance to our nation’s public school system to embrace Critical Race Theory and teach it ubiquitously to students. When caught, they claimed it was an error.

There was definitely an error that took place, and Senator Ted Cruz called it out.

He’s spot on. If it was never discovered by the media and criticized immediately by patriots across the country, the guidance would have remained and CRT would be part of the “new normal” in public educations. Things were already abysmal in our education system before the Neo-Marxist, racist tenets of Critical Race Theory were introduced. Now, it has become a flashpoint that pits leftist school boards against concerned parents desperately attempting to stop the mass indoctrination of an entire generation.

Kudos to Cruz for pointing this out.