Ted Cruz Hits Back After CNN Fake Newser Chris Cillizza Gives Him a Ludicrous Math “Lesson”

Senator Ted Cruz and three-fourths of Americans believe that Joe Biden should pick the most qualified person to fill the Supreme Court seat being vacated by the retiring Stephen Breyer. They overwhelmingly oppose Biden’s plan to keep his campaign promise and nominate a black woman to the highest court in the land. It’s not that Senator Cruz or anyone else is being racist despite the gaslighting that’s being done by corporate media today. It’s that we want Biden to NOT be racist and discriminatory in his pick.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza tried to deliver a math lesson to Senator Cruz. He noted in a recent column that 94% of Supreme Court justices throughout history have been white men. This is true. But what Cillizza conveniently forgot to mention is that the vast majority of Supreme Court Justices were seated during times in our history when women and minorities were not treated equally. The goal should be equality of opportunity, which means NO discrimination whether for or against a particular race or sex.

Cruz lit up Cillizza and CNN with a single Tweet in response:

.@cnn flunks math. And embraces explicit racial discrimination. As a good thing! Since woke Chris Cillizza is a white guy (as is Wolf & Jake & Anderson…), I assume CNN will be firing them next week…. (just like Cuomo)

Throughout American history, actions have been taken and laws have been passed to bring a truly level playing field when it comes to equality of opportunity. As men and women of color (including Cruz himself) have demonstrated in recent history, America is a land in which old concepts like affirmative action are as unnecessary and destructive as the discrimination that was once rife in America.

Unfortunately, the Cultural Marxists in America have shot way past equality with their endeavors and have pushed “woke” Americans like Cillizza to demand supremacy for minorities, women, and especially LGBTQ+ members. It’s not enough to treat everyone equally. The sins of the past must be erased by aggressively benefitting protected classes of Americans. This is the premise behind Biden’s upcoming nomination of a black woman to the Supreme Court. The Cultural Marxists feel the only way to achieve supremacy is to exclude everyone else.

How do qualified Hispanic women feel about knowing they are being excluded from consideration for the Supreme Court? What about Asian-American men? Black men are being discriminated against by Biden and his woke groupies like Cillizza. No matter how you try to wrap it, Cillizza’s math “lesson” is idiotic.

This is not a VP position in a corporation getting promoted or a new CEO being selected. This is a lifetime appointment to the most powerful and consequential court in America. We need the best person for the job regardless of race or sex.