Ted Cruz Delivers Inconvenient ID Facts to Democrat Lawmakers Who Fled Texas on a Private Jet

Ted Cruz Delivers Inconvenient ID Facts to Democrat Lawmakers Who Fled Texas on a Private Jet

The only thing scarier to a Democrat lawmaker than an unvaccinated constituent is an honest election. Across the country, they’re doing everything they possibly can to not only derail voter integrity bills but to paint them as somehow racist. To claim that persons of color are less capable of getting ID’s or finding a Kinko’s is, of course, racist, but their puppets in mainstream media invariably fail to bring this fact to light.

Texas Democrat lawmakers have gone out of their way to pull a publicity stunt in their attempts to derail election integrity. They hopped on a private jet and flew away to prevent quorum in a special session intended to pass several bills, including election integrity. But as Senator Ted Cruz noted, there’s irony in their efforts.

He noted on Twitter that they are hypocrites by pulling this stunt, posting, “The Texas Democrats who have pulled this political stunt by flying to Washington, D.C. almost surely had to show ID to get on their jet, yet they’re throwing a fit because they don’t want basic election integrity steps strengthened in Texas.”


In reality, all they’re doing is stalling. Governor Greg Abbott has said he will continue to call special sessions until election day if he has to, though it’s unlikely the lawmakers will hole up in Washington DC or anywhere else for that long. The optics have already been horrific. As Guy Benson and others noted on Twitter:

“To avoid a vote, Texas Democrats jet off to DC on privately chartered planes — maskless, unlike all the little people who fly commercial. What a look.”

While this delay is likely inconsequential with no elections scheduled in Texas this year, the burden on taxpayers from this publicity stunt is considerable. We can only take solace in knowing the Texas Rangers are prepared to arrest them when they return.