Teachers Leaving Schools Over Medical Tyranny and CRT Now Have HIGH Market Value

Teachers Leaving Schools Over Medical Tyranny and CRT Now Have HIGH Market Value

There have been so many sad stories coming out of Pandemic Panic Theater as well as the filthy residue of anti-white racism, also known as Critical Race Theory. Teachers in particular have been hit hard as they’re being forced to decide between what they know is right and what governments, school boards, and their peers are telling them to do.

But there’s a silver lining, as Jesse Kelly from The First noted on Twitter:

“I hope the teachers resigning because of COVID insanity and CRT stuff are aware of their ABSURD market value. There are MILLIONS of parents who want their kids educated by someone like you. Start a group home schooling business. Do private tutoring.”

He is correct. There are plenty of parents seeking teachers who are willing to ignore the mandates and pressure applied on both the Covid-19 and Cultural Marxist fronts. I’ll take it as step further and say that teachers who oppose medical tyranny and racist indoctrination could find enough donors or big-money sponsors to start schools in their area, or to be relocated to other areas where such schools are already launching.

The same can be said about healthcare professionals, though launching a clinic or small hospital has many more logistic and financial challenges than launching a school. Nevertheless, it could be done. In fact, it SHOULD be done. I, for one, would love to take my family to a vaccine-free clinic staffed with talented, unindoctrinated medical professionals.

The universal vaccination crowd and the Cultural Marxist crowd are often one in the same. They are pushing for a segregated America in which those of us who believe in medical freedom and racial equality are exorcized from their midst. We must fight this, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also start working on the backup plans in case they reach critical mass and successfully eject us from society.

Today, there’s a need for a real-world variation of Galt’s Gulch, though without the elitism or holographic camouflage technology. There may be no way to stop the advancing segregation. We need to be prepared.