Kids Slave Masks

Teacher Films Students’ Reaction After Hearing the Slave Masks Are Coming Off — And It’s a Beautiful Thing to Watch

Even elementary-aged children recognize oppression. Perhaps they recognize it better than adults because their primal desires tell them when something is inherently wrong. This can be seen on clear display when a teach in Las Vegas filmed her students reacting to news of mask mandates getting lifted.

At first, I thought it may have been a staged response. I know, that’s cynical, but would kids really dance around at such news? Then, my parenting experience kicked in and I realized, “Ya, that’s exactly how kids would react.”

The state-mandated child abuse that has plagued schools around the country has been one of the biggest mistakes our various government bodies have made through the pandemic. The science says these children have an infinitesimal risk from Covid. The science also says that masks don’t work even if the kids were at risk.

But don’t get excited and think our government is finally starting to listen to the science. This is a political move prompted by polling that shows how unpopular blue state policies have been among voters. It’s an election year and Democrats are doing everything in their power to mitigate the massive damage that has been done to their party since Joe Biden was installed into the White House.

For now, it’s good to receive positive news. We need it. But there is still a push to vaccinate these kids and every child in America. Until the people speak out more, these atrocities will continue.