James Burk

Tazed and Confused: ATF Agent Learns the Hard Way to Obey Commands of Local Law Enforcement

ATF Agent James Burk was investigating an alleged illegal shotgun purchase in 2020 when he knocked on a door and demanded entry. Disheveled and unwilling to show proper identification, the woman who answered the door called police. From there, it took all sorts of weird twists and turns.

Now, the video from the arrest is making its rounds on social media:

Burk is suing Columbus Police an the city for “excessive use of force.” Perhaps instead of suing he should have complied and this wouldn’t have been an issue. He probably wouldn’t have gotten tazed, either.

This may be fodder for those of us who are increasingly untrusting of federal law enforcement, but it makes a powerful point. Local, county, and state law enforcement may be our best defense against an overbearing federal law enforcement apparatus. We have seen in recent years an increase in the draconian nature of agencies like the ATF and FBI, as well as non-law-enforcement government agencies like the IRS and postal service.

Our first line of defense is ourselves. We must be ready to defend ourselves against threats both foreign and domestic. But as a secondary line of defense, it’s our local law enforcement who can and should be protecting us. The Obama regime advanced the authoritarianism of agencies like the FBI and ATF. Unfortunately, it didn’t decrease under Donald Trump. Now, the Biden-Harris regime has turned the FBI in particular into their personal Gestapo.

The moral of the story is this: Protect yourself and use local law enforcement as your backup. There are criminals, terrorists, and federal law enforcement agencies that are all out to get us.

Here’s the full video: