Taxpayer-Funded NPR Caught Spewing Communist Propaganda

Taxpayer-Funded NPR Caught Spewing Communist Propaganda

Over the weekend, taxpayer-funded NPR posted an article and attached Tweet attacking the Republican Party for their general opposition to Critical Race Theory. The easily debunked manifestation of Cultural Marxism has been spreading like wildfire across America as “woke” politicians, companies, and individuals promote it as their new gospel.

The Tweet was disingenuous and engages in the logical fallacy of begging the question:

“Republicans across the country are decrying critical race theory, an academic approach of examining U.S. institutions through the lens of race. Some experts say it’s the latest GOP effort to use cultural issues to drive voters to the polls.”

Journalist and filmmaker Christopher F. Rufo called them out, comparing it to hypothetical rhetoric during the Cold War:

National Propaganda Radio strikes again. It’s like a headline from 1981 saying: “Republicans across the country are decrying communism, a political approach that emphasizes sharing resources and caring for one another.” Don’t let them fool you.

There has been a rise in attacks against those who speak out against Critical Race Theory, particularly by White radical leftists who build up their “woke cred” by condemning those who speak the truth about Cultural Marxism. A perfect example was highlighted today by Twitchy:

Critical Race Theory is poison. Period, the end.

And the people pushing it are some of the worst, especially white male boomers shaming people of color for NOT supporting it. This guy actually claimed they couldn�t think for themselves even. Perhaps he was trying to prove his own racism?

Critical Race Theory IS institutionalized racism. It teaches that the only way to compensate for sins of racism, which were being drastically reduced for decades, is to revive and reverse racism against Caucasians and East Asians. NPR is a fraud.