Tar-Gay Is FAR Worse Than You Thought: Leaked Memo Says Only “Extremists” Are Concerned About Sexualization of Children

Chances are, you think that floundering retail giant Target is pretty bad for hiring satanists to indoctrinate children and advance the trans-supremacy agenda. You may even think they’re awful for not instantly and unambiguously apologizing for sexualizing kids.

A leaked internal memo indicates it’s actually worse than that. They’re not just unrepentant. They believe YOU are the problem and that you’re an “extremist” for thinking children should not be made into victims of sexual brainwashing.

According to The Post Millennial:

As Target faces backlash, resulting in monetary losses over its Pride collection, the company has sent an internal memo stating that those who worry about the sexualization of children are extremists. The line includes clothing and accessories for children, including shirts that read “Queer! Queer! Queer!” and onesies about how trans is beautiful.

The internal memo, titled “Threat Overview,” states that “as political and social tensions rise ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Target will face a continued increase of physical security threats related to our commitments on contentious social issues including support of the LGBTQIA+ community and Pride Month.”

The retail giant stated that online campaigns and boycotts that have emerged in the wake of Target launching its Pride collection “have the potential to motivate extremists to violence.”

Listed as “recent extremist focuses” is the “‘sexualization’ of children, gender issues, and drag performances.”

Target stated that store shoppers may “express their opposition to Target’s support of the LGBTQIA+ community” through disruptions in the store or making threats of violence.

At this point, we can’t boycott Target hard enough.