Sydney Imposes Draconian Lockdown, Only One Person per Household May Leave per Day

Sydney Imposes Draconian Lockdown, Only One Person per Household May Leave per Day

No meetings. Businesses closed. Only one person per household allowed to leave per day. Are these the lockdown orders for a Communist China city? No. It’s the Western world in Sydney, Australia, that is testing their citizens’ willingness to submit to unbelievable rules as a disease with an extremely high recovery rate “spikes” with 44 new cases in the south-eastern state of New South Wales.

That’s 44 new Covid-19 cases in a state with a population of 7.4 million. For this, the Australian government sees it fit to demoralize their people and destroy their economy further. According to Yahoo:

New stricter rules restrict how people exercise, saying they must stay within 10 kilometers of their home and not meet up with more than one person from another household, reported NHK World. The rules allow only one person per household to leave their home each day to shop for food or other goods.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday that he understands people are tired and frustrated. Morrison stressed that Australians have “just got to push through”, reported NHK World.

This isn’t just standard Covid-19 hysteria, though. It’s a test of people’s appetite to abide by fear over the “Delta Variant,” which has been spreading for months. Mixed reports about the Delta Variant waffle back and forth between saying it’s more virulent or not. Dubious reports say it may be more deadly than older variants. A handful of reports that have been quashed indicate it may be resistant to the “vaccines.” Conspiracy theorists, many of whom have been eerily accurate lately, claim the variant is actually thriving because of the “vaccines.”

Let’s hope this is just an idiotic one-off move by a panicking government and not a dry-run for all of Western society to test our willingness to ignore facts and accept totalitarian rule.