Suspected Houston Cop Killer Is an Illegal Alien, So Mainstream Media Is Ignoring It

Suspected Houston Cop Killer Is an Illegal Alien, So Mainstream Media Is Ignoring It

The foreign invasion of our sovereign land continues to leave a body count. The latest illegal alien arrested for capital murder is accused of killing a cop. In a sane world with an honest corporate media, this would be headline news. Instead, it’s being completely ignored by the networks and mainstream media news channels.

According to the NY Post:

Oscar Rosales, 51, was arrested by Mexican authorities Wednesday in the border town of Ciudad Acuña and turned over to American officials.

Rosales is charged with capital murder for allegedly shooting Harris County Constable Charles Galloway through the windshield of his squad car during a Houston traffic stop early Sunday morning.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to Fox News Thursday that Rosales was not a US citizen and had not been in the country legally.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg declined to comment on Rosales immigration status, but said the Honduran, Guatemalan and El Salvadorian governments had been notified of his capture.

Little to no mentions of the murder were made on television news channels following the arrest. A search for stories on the major news websites reveals they each posted a single, incidental story that did not receive nearly the attention it deserves. They’re burying it because it betrays the narrative being pushed by corporate media, one that tries to convince us there’s nothing to worry about with the ever-growing presence of illegal aliens mingling among us.

What’s worse is that this lifelong criminal has been wanted internationally for over two decades.

“Oscar Rosales, a 25-year fugitive out of Harris County for the crime of aggravated assault, has been violent before,” Kim Ogg, the district attorney, said. “It is reported that he is wanted for murder in El Salvador during the time between his 1996 absconding from probation and the murder of Corporal Galloway.”

If the suspect had been an American citizen, every news outlet would be running long profiles on him, talking to neighbors and relatives in an effort to paint this as another example of “gun violence.” But once it was determined that the suspect was an illegal alien, the story was quickly buried.

As long as we’re kept in the dark about the inherent dangers of the ongoing foreign invasion, most people will not demand action. It’s imperative that we continue to highlight and expose this massive problem that has been plaguing the nation for year, a problem that has only gotten much worse under the Biden-Harris regime.