“Conservative” Supreme Court Rejects Medical Freedom, Mike Lindell, and Bump Stock Ban Cases

So much for continuing the winning in the Supreme Court. Monday’s list of cases the Supreme Court has decided to take offered some big losses for conservatives. Here are three of the biggest ones:

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

The US Supreme Court on Monday turned away an appeal from Missouri and nine other states challenging Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Last November Joe Biden imposed a federal vaccine mandate on all healthcare workers that affected 10.4 million people.

In January of this year the US Supreme Court blocked Joe Biden’s OSHA vax mandate for private businesses with 100+ employees.

In a separate, simultaneously released ruling, the highest court of the land – in a 5-4 vote – allowed a similar vaccine mandate for healthcare facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare to stand.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to Trump-Era Bump Stock Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a challenge to the Trump-era ban on bump stocks, a gun accessory that allows semi-automatic firearms to shoot more rapidly.

The decision comes after a federal appeals court in August upheld the bump stock ban, which was enacted by the Trump administration in 2018 in response to the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. Then-president Donald Trump vowed to ban bump stocks after it was reported that the gunman used the rifle accessory in his deadly rampage that killed 60 people and injured more than 500 others at a music festival on the Vegas strip.

The Trump administration rule classifies guns equipped with bump stocks as machine guns, which are prohibited by the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act. A Utah gun rights advocate and the pro-Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America brought separate challenges to the law, which the Supreme Court declined to hear. The high court did not issue comment on its decision.

Supreme Court Rejects Mike Lindell Appeal

Mike Lindell asked the Supreme Court to overturn a decision by a federal judge to allow Dominion’s billion dollar defamation lawsuit against him to continue.

But the Supreme Court rejected his appeal and thus refuses to hear it.

Via NBC News:

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s bid to fend off a defamation lawsuit the voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems filed over his far-fetched claims about the 2020 presidential election.

The justices’ decision not to hear the case means a federal judge’s ruling in August 2021 that allowed the lawsuit to move forward remains in place.

Dominion sued Lindell and MyPillow in February 2021, claiming $1.3 billion in damages and alleging that Lindell purposely pushed the “big lie” that Trump won the 2020 election.

“Lindell asserts today, as he did throughout the relevant period, that his statements regarding Dominion, its voting machines, and the integrity of the tabulation were, and continue to be, valid, accurate, and true,” Lindell’s lawyers wrote in court papers.

Overall, it’s been a bad day for many conservatives who were following these three important cases.