Support for Neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter FINALLY Goes Underwater

Support for Neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter FINALLY Goes Underwater

It took a lot of education and reversing the brainwashing millions of Americans experienced, but there are finally more Americans who oppose Black Live Matter than who support it. The Neo-Marxist group has pushed for radical changes in America that have very little to do with fighting racism and a whole lot to do with the destruction of the foundations of our nation.

Ironically, this comes at a time when many leaders in BLM are saying something we like. More have spoken out against the so-called “vaccines” and the draconian mandates that affect Black Americans more than any other racial group. But other than their anti-vaxx stance, there’s nothing in their ideology that is worth embracing as it’s littered with racism in the name of “anti-racism.”

Here’s a graph showing the moment last week when opposition to the group surpassed support:

Black Lives Matter Support

There was a spike in BLM support following the release of a video depicting convicted felon George Floyd being detained by Minneapolis police officers prior to his death. It appeared in the initial video that the cop who pressed his knee into Floyd’s back for nine minutes, Derek Chauvin, may have choked him to death. Other angles of the video released later showed that was not the case and autopsies showed his cause of death was a massive fentanyl overdose, but Chauvin was convicted for murder nonetheless to appease the woke crowd.

The outrage from the video prompted the spike in BLM support, but violence over the summer of 2020 followed by public relations debacles within BLM slowly eroded the goodwill they had received from the Floyd incident. Last week, opposition to the group overtook support.

According to Blazing Cat Fur:

For the first time since 2018, more Americans now oppose the Black Lives Matter movement than support it.

Researchers Civiqs have been tracking public opinion on the activist group every week since 2017, interviewing a total of 278,076 adults across the country. For most of that period BLM has enjoyed majority support. It reached peak popularity (53% support, 28% against) immediately after the killing of George Floyd in June 2020, but has been drifting downwards ever since. Crossover was reached this week, with 44% of the American public opposed to BLM, and 43% in favour.

The fight isn’t over. All lives matter, and the racist tenets of BLM must continue to be exposed until a strong majority of Americans realize the group is not opposed to racism. They’re opposed to America.