Gaetz Laptop

“SUBPOENA HUNTER BIDEN”: Rep. Matt Gaetz Entered the Contents of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Into the Congressional Record . . .

Congressman Matt Gaetz was able to have the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop added to the Congressional Record, though not without a fight with the FBI and Congressional Democrats.

On the surface, this is a symbolic move that drives House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler crazy, along with Democrats across Capitol Hill and throughout the White House. In reality, this is a major move that opens the door for Congressional investigation into both Hunter Biden and his father, Joe.


He didn’t get it in with his first attempt because Nadler initially objected following a tense back-and-forth between Gaetz and Assistant Director of FBI Cyber Security Bryan A. Vorndran. The witness refused to answer questions regarding the laptop, claiming he didn’t know where the laptop was, who had it, and if it had information that posted a cyber-security threat to the United States.

It was a fantastic Sergeant Schultz impersonation…

The original request by Rep. Gaetz was rejected by Rep. Nadler. But Gaetz pressed even as Democrat Congresswoman Val Demings tried to interrupt remotely. The entire exchange is interesting but the fireworks start after 4.5 minutes in:

The reason this is important even though the contents of the laptop are confirmed and have been made public is because being in the Congressional Record obligates Congress to act on anything unlawful that is found in it. Democrats will stall for as long as possible but if Republicans take back control of the House of Representatives following the midterm elections, this will streamline any investigations that could come from the laptop against Hunter Biden, his family, his accomplices, and even his father.

This is a huge development that will be completely ignored by corporate media. It has been months since the words “Hunter Biden” have even been mentioned by broadcast news channels.

Despite the media blackout, Hunter Biden has been a busy guy and a common topic today for us. Here are just some of the stories we already covered just in the last few hours:

With corporate media doing everything they can to ignore the Hunter Biden scandal for a year-and-a-half, it’s time for the American people to amplify it. Thanks to Matt Gaetz, we can start doing that today.