Richard Dawkins

The Stupidity of ‘Culturally Christian’ Richard Dawkins

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(WND)—Dr. Richard Dawkins has spent his life tearing down the belief in the cultural Christian values that have been the pillars of strength in Western civilization. He has been one of those white male, atheist fundamentalist intellectuals who have – with remarkable passion – belittled and rampantly attacked Christianity and its reverence of God in the complexity of nature, effectively denying the existence of the metaphysical dimension and its influence on the physical, material world.

In a recent interview with Britain’s LBC, this architect of the contemporary mainstream evil caricature of who God is, the designer of the hatred against anything Christian left in our culture, this man has the audacity to state that he was “slightly horrified Ramadan is being promoted instead of Christian Easter.” This is the very same man who for generations has demonized and twisted the message of the ancient Holy Books, calling God a sex-obsessed tyrant and actively pushing for the purging of anything religious. This arrogant atheist missionary now states that “we are a culturally Christian country” and again says, “I call myself a cultural Christian.” So, in his opposition of Islam this delusional man is suddenly a Christian, after all?

Dr. Dawkins seems surprised that Islam takes dominion in the West. Which powers did he think would dominate when Christian compassionate spiritualism is forcibly removed by the relentless work of atheist apostles like himself? His own raging revolt against God’s order in the traditional Western religion is about to succeed completely. Of course, Islam fills the spiritual vacuum.

Dawkins’ assumptions about the metaphysical world are quite well summed up in his notoriously destructive work “The God Delusion,” in which he states that God almost certainly does not exist. This he determines with the utmost demonic pride, he who speaks of biological science and empiricism, yet determines that there is little probability of a Creator, based entirely on his own subjective perception.

Or has this culturally destructive atheist, this influencer of New Atheism, traveled beyond the edges of the universe to examine whether God is there? Is he able to determine empirically that there is no God outside the scope of this universe? Or, can he scientifically prove that man’s heart, his innermost being, cannot be in touch with the celestial Spirit of God, who by the way exists outside of the realm of the empirical. Scientific hypothesis can only empirically prove that which exists in the material dimension.

So, this little man wants to disprove the metaphysical by applying empiricist methods that only describe the material dimension. He finds biological evolution more probable than creation, even if Darwinists never have been able to prove anything more than mutations within a species. Darwinism is a faith – belief not based on empirical evidence – like any other. Evolution from one species to another has never been observed while it was happening and therefore is non-verifiable. It has never evolved beyond an unprovable theory. So, while he warns of anti-scientific fairytales as a great evil, he should be sure to include his own.

Dr. Dawkins, who arrogantly only operates in the low dimension of empiricism, who cannot even add 10 years to the length of his own life, has preached that “God is dead” to generations and inserted nihilist hopelessness, emptiness and lovelessness into our century. For without God’s justice, His metaphysical love for the physical humankind and promise of a world after the current calamity, what is there to hope for? What does the 83-year-old Dawkins hope for after his own death? Does he expect to meet demons or angels? Does he actually dare to bet on nothingness, he who has not been able to prove anything regarding this topic?

As Dr. Dawkins joins Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Auguste Comte and other white male, ignorant Western atheists who were hellbent on tearing down the respect for traditional values, he points out that the Christian faith is a delusion. From these “delusional” Christian ideals stem groundbreaking values such as the belief in natural human rights, equality regardless of race, gender or social standing, the abolition of slavery, individual rights to own and control the fruit of one’s own labor, an economic system based on trustworthiness and accountability where private property rights, Christian moral standards and the separation of powers form the basis for stability and growth.

Naturally, the effect of willfully creating a burning hatred for Christianity in the general public and in the mainstream media, Christopher Dawkins has greatly contributed to the current Western collapse and disintegration of society.

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