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Stunning Moment at DeSantis’s Doctors Roundtable as Former Opponent of The Great Barrington Declaration Admits He Was Wrong

It often feels like the strong delusion that engulfed so much of the world, particularly those in politics and medicine, can never be broken. The accumulation of two years of conniving among politicians and self-imposed indoctrination among scientists has kept many of the brightest minds in both fields oblivious to the real science surrounding Covid-19.

Every now and then, we get to see moments of clarity as brave scientists come forward and acknowledge they were wrong. Such a stunning moment occurred during yesterday’s doctors roundtable, called The Curtain Close on Covid Theater, hosted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Dr. Joseph Fraiman, an emergency medicine physician in New Orleans, was part of the panel. He didn’t just admit that he was very wrong to oppose The Great Barrington Declaration. He apologized to three of the doctors who were present on the panel who had supported it.

“These policies were harmful. Initially, I was – I don’t want to say I was ignorant but it was irrelevant because there were lives on the line, I’m an emergency doctor. There were lives on the line. No, we have to do it. But if the policies didn’t make a big difference and they only caused harm then you have to start rethinking what we’re doing,” Fraiman said.

“You take the data that is clearly in front of us and if it is only causing harm and at best can only save a few we need to think about it. At best, an aggressive lockdown policy, imagine it reduced hospitalizations and death by 20%. 20% of deaths and hospitalizations were reduced. If that were the case, then maybe we could come here and debate. Is the harm caused by those lockdowns worth that benefit? And how do we negotiate that benefit through navigating through our freedoms?” Fraiman asked.

“The reality is hospitalizations and deaths were not reduced by 20% by any policies,” Fraiman said. “Because if they were we would have had studies at this point that would have consistently identified that. And that just has not occurred at all. So, I think as a society we have to decide if we want to continue a public policy that’s obviously producing large harm and offering only a minimal benefit at best. It’s currently unmeasurable.”

“Also, personally, I would like to apologize to the three other scientists sitting with me here on Zoom, the proponents of the [Great] Barrington Declaration,” Fraiman said. “Initially, I did think y’all were crazy, or dumb, or maybe you just didn’t understand what I was seeing. But I now realize — I’m sorry because I believe now you guys were correct. And you were correct from the beginning and I wish that more people, including myself, have realized that sooner. And I hope more people realize that soon enough.”


Here’s the full roundtable: