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Strategic Shift: Republicans Must Treat the Biden-Harris Regime As a Placeholder

Things are looking pretty solid for Republicans in a presidential election year. The current administration is a disaster with only the most loyal Democrat sheep staying with the herd. The GOP has its presumed nominee despite protestation from Camp Nikki. Public sentiment continues to lean right with traditionally secure Democrat voter groups peeling away.

Unfortunately, it’s all one big trap. Much of the effort to raise dissatisfaction with the Biden-Harris regime is going to be wasted if Democrats perform the maneuver that a growing number of analysts are starting to predict. If/when Joe Biden declares that he’s not running for reelection, he will become the ultimate political scapegoat for all of the bad things happening in America today. And if/when Michelle Obama or someone else is airdropped into the nomination, the campaign clock will be reset.

Corporate media is foaming at the mouth to see it happen, but they’re holding their calls for Biden to step down so he can absorb as much voter dissatisfaction as possible. The shorter the Obama campaign is, the better because she simply doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. The DNC and their puppet masters want Biden to be as disastrous as possible so his replacement can rebound and peak just before the election.

It’s like political Aikido. They want Republicans to launch their full attacks on Biden only to have them deflected by Obama. Is the border crisis Biden’s fault? Yes it is, they’ll say. And they’ll come back with how Obama’s border policy will fix it, thus neutering the GOP’s argument in the eyes of low-information voters.

Is the economy tanking? Rather than trying to defend the indefensible, Democrats will simply say that BIDEN’s economy is failing but OBAMA’s economy won’t. And don’t get me started on abortion, which may be the biggest tell about their plans. If they wanted Biden to win another term, they would have him focus hardcore on  fixing the border before the summer so he could turn a big loser into a winner. Instead, they’re focusing on abortion which would only be a smart move if they intend on running a woman like Michelle Obama.

She’s almost certainly running, or at least considering it. Or, to be more accurate, the powers-that-be are considering running her. The only reason they would look to someone else like Gavin Newsom is if they intend to bring in some wacky running mate like Oprah Winfrey. It wouldn’t shock me if they reversed it to an Oprah-Newsom ticket. Regardless of who they’re planning on running, it’s best to act as if it’s not going to be Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. And if for some reason the Biden-Harris ticket is kept, then the strategy shift I’m recommending still won’t harm Republican chances.

Time to Ignore the Placeholder

If Republicans want to mitigate the damage that will happen if/when Biden is replaced, they need to stop talking about him specifically. Any attack against Biden’s border policy today will be negated by his replacement. Any condemnation of the economy today will be blamed on Bidenomics by a future candidate.

Republicans need to start talking in terms of Democrats as a whole. They must stop blaming Biden for the border and make their message encompassing so it’s the Democrats’ border policy. This is challenging because Republican strategists and commentators have been trained to attack individuals. The GOP will need to engage in the Democrat playbook of attacking the group. Just as they call us “MAGA Republicans,” we need to start addressing them as “Open Borders Democrats.” That’s the message that needs to stick.

Once Biden is replaced, the GOP can go back to what they know best and focus their attacks on the candidate, but in the meantime all attacks specifically against Biden and Kamala Harris will be wasted. We cannot disregard the stupidity of most voters and the ease in which corporate media will be able to sell them on Michelle Obama being different from Joe Biden. Unfortunately, voters won’t realize how much worse she is than Biden until she’s already destroying the nation.

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