San Francisco Walgreens

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One: Criminals Go Wild in San Francisco Walgreens, Stuffing Their Bags in Broad Daylight

If anyone needs evidence that leftists are suffering from a strong delusion about the policies they’ve put in place in Democrat hellhole cities like San Francisco, we need only look at reactions to the skyrocketing crime. Perhaps an easier way to look at it is to highlight what Democrats have NOT done in their cities, namely give law enforcement the authority they used to enjoy that allowed them to actually stop crimes.

Here’s modern-day San Francisco in a nutshell:

It seems like a foregone conclusion that retail businesses like Walgreens will either need to hire expensive private security that will raise prices for their customers or abandon Democrat hellholes altogether. They’ve shuttered five stores in San Francisco and it seems unfathomable that they can continue to operate at all there as long as Democrats continue to hamstring police.

But it’s not just what Democrats are doing to law enforcement. The people are scared to react thanks to leftist indoctrination. Any Good Samaritan who tries to intervene will definitely be called a bigot and likely get sued or even arrested and charged for not just sitting back and letting criminals destroy their communities.

The midterm elections cannot come soon enough for many who live in Democrat hellholes. The only question is whether they can wake enough of their friends and family up to the fact that Democrat policies fail miserably.