Stomach-Stapled Stalinist Jerrold Nadler Opposes Gaetz Amendment to Say Pledge of Allegiance

Congressman Jerry Nadler is a clown. That by itself wouldn’t be too damaging now that he’s no longer chair for the House Judiciary Committee, but he’s far worse than being a comical parody of a man. He’s also a communist who has the gall to oppose saying the Pledge of Allegiance before Judiciary Committee meetings.

His reason: They already say it once and there’s no need to say it again. Apparently, the 14-seconds it takes to recite the pledge is too much for this Stalinist to stomach. Watch:

It’s important to note that his objection was moot. The amendment was going to pass no matter what he said. He went out of his way to be recognized so he could voice his futile objection.

The hatred most Democrat lawmakers have for this nation has become more and more apparent in recent years. People like Nadler “representing” fellow Americans would be a sad joke if it wasn’t so dangerous.