Stock Up Now: Why Real Beef Will Be a Scarce Commodity in the Not-Too-Distant Future

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Food shortages are coming to America. This has been projected, albeit quietly, by experts for the last couple of years as a “perfect storm” of events threaten both the supplies available as well as the infrastructure to produce and distribute food. Meat is especially challenged with chicken and beef facing attacks on multiple fronts.

Both of the two most popular proteins in America are facing obstacles, but there is one major difference between them. While most of the attacks on chicken appear to be natural or circumstantial such as bird flu and processing plant accidents, beef is facing both natural and artificial strife. Not only have drought, rising rancher expenses, and fires hit the beef industry hard, but also the powers-that-be have been attacking beef through legislation and decree in an effort to eliminate it in the name of climate change.

“The push for artificial beef and beef alternatives has reached a fever pitch over the last few months,” said Jason Nelson, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “Bureaucrats, politicians, globalists, and their ‘scientist’ proxies have ignored the clear data that favors cattle over artificial meat production. We should all be asking why that is.”

Beef has been given full-blown boogeyman status as a prime suspect in so-called “man made climate change” even though studies show lab-grown meat is as much as 25x worse for the environment. This has rightly prompted some to assume the climate change attack on beef is a false premise through which the powers-that-be can control the food supply in an effort to control the people.

One does not have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to recognize that there have been far too many coincidences lately surrounding beef production in America and abroad.

“The biggest reason we focused on beef was because we anticipated exactly what we’re seeing today,” Nelson, a combat disabled veteran, said. “They are making the price of beef skyrocket while reducing availability. That’s why our 25-year shelf-life beef is such a wise investment.”

Prepper All-Naturals sells Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Sirloin that is cooked sous vide then freeze dried to retain maximum nutrition and flavor for decades. Their product has no preservatives. In fact, it only has one ingredient: Beef. They don’t even add salt to allow for the widest range of diets to enjoy their steaks.

“I did this for my family because as people concerned about food security, I didn’t want them eating disgusting ‘beef crumbles’ or other low-quality forms of survival beef,” Nelson continued. “If and when they make beef nearly impossible to acquire in their quest to make us eat bugs or lab-grown abominations, we will be ready with a solid supply of all-American natural beef.”

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