Stew Peters

Stew Peters Demolishes Weak “Conservatism” During AFPAC Speech

Conservative Christian show host Stew Peters says what he wants to say. His bluntness combined with a willingness to call out pretty much anyone has not endeared him to Establishment Republicans. Other true conservatives think his “tone” is too harsh. But those who listen to him regularly and appreciate his shocking style can’t get enough of him.

At the America First Political Action Conference, AFPAC, running at the same time as CPAC (or Queer PAC, as he calls it), Peters went after Republicans and conservatives who he believes are not doing anything productive. They spend their time trying to “own the libs” but they don’t have a real agenda otherwise.

Here’s his speech. He’s not for everyone, but those of us who like his honest style are behind him all the way.

Hattip: Kent from Aurora