Steve Kirsch Testifies About Spike in Deaths Since Jabs Rolled out: “This Is the Greatest Killer of Mankind — This Is the Worse Coverup in Human History”

“Follow the science” is a notion that was abandoned long ago by vaxx-nannies in government and corporate media. Why? Because the science tells us to question everything about Pandemic Panic Theater, particularly the push to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on earth.

Expert Steve Kirsch gave his opinions to Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate and sitting state Senator Doug Mastriano, discussing the unprecedented 40% jump in deaths for people under the age of 64 since the jabs were rolled out. It’s a video that needs to be shared far and wide before it’s taken down, because it will be. Thankfully, we’re posting it on freer speech platforms for posterity:

Most of the concern over vaccines, face masks, lockdowns, and other mandates have dwindled over the last month. Democrats started dropping them in February in preparation for the Russian invasion, which I believe is Stage Two of The Great Reset agenda. But we’re already seeing signs that Pandemic Panic Theater is being ramped up again. Meanwhile, there is still a strong push to get people triple-jabbed… at least until the fourth jabs are approved when the push will get even louder.

They are coming at us from every angle. We need to remain diligent and continue spreading the word even as we also focus on other issues facing Americans. The fight continues.